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We Sell You ~ You Sell More

More Sales

You want more business …
Who doesn’t?

You need to target potential clients …
But who are they?

You don’t like cold calling …
Neither do we. That’s why we don’t.

You want more sales?
You want MKL3!

What We Do

Our professional researchers find potential clients who are genuinely interested in your specific business.

On your behalf, our expert sales team personally book appointments for you,
You only pay for fulfilled meetings. How about that!

How It Works

  • We analyse your business through a few comprehensive questions and build a commercial and demographic profile of appropriate targets.
  • From this we produce, for your perusal, a list of potential clients who we know will be interested in your particular products or services.
  • You indicate to us who of those you would like the opportunity to pitch to.
  • One of our team personally arranges a face-to-face meetings with a key decision makers on your behalf.
  • You arrive at the appointment fully confident that the client is already partial to your offer.
  • You just have to close the deal. That’s what you do best!

Jonas Linde


Jonas spent his early years studying political science, philosophy and economics in Lund, Sweden.
Relocating to Barcelona, where he has spent the last 20 years, he has held leading positions as financial adviser, business developer and country manager.
He’s known for his bold leadership skills, has a natural ability to bring out the best in people and his motivational goals are always set to the highest achievable level.

Our Team

Our experienced office team, all native Swedish speakers from business and industry backgrounds, work on your behalf with the same goals as you.

They learn about your business strategy so that they can professionally pitch to potential clients with assured confidence.

They are deal brokers.
This is what they do best and this is what they love doing.
Now they are your team too.

Contact us

Contact us to up your game with no obligation.
There is nothing to lose but new business and untapped sales.

Phone us now.
Jonas: +46 10 288 60 82

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Speak directly to Jonas, our CEO.
He will gently guide you through the process.
and answer any questions you may have.
You can be making untapped sales within days.
What are you waiting for?

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